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Yupoong vs Whelk: The Best Dad Hat

We know that Yupoong produces 80 million hats annually. The majority of people have worn their caps without knowing, as their great fits/designs have made them the dominant player in the headwear industry that they are today. However, their golden years of innovation seem to have succumbed to complacency, preventing them from addressing a huge issue in the clothing industry – its devastating impact on the environment.

Whelk exists to foster the adoption of sustainable headwear. We understand that sustainability and social responsibility matter more than ever. But talk is cheap, so we believe that the choice of branded products speaks volumes about a company’s values, emphasizing the significance of offering merch that aligns with a brand’s ethos. That’s why we’re laser-focused on making sustainable caps that people love to wear.

Here are a few concrete reasons we think our baseball cap is a better alternative to Yupoong’s classic dad hat:


Yupoong (YP Classics 6245CM)

Yupoong offers their cap in 100% virgin cotton with a Permacurv visor, a technology that boasts its ability to maintain its proper shape and curve.

As for the safety of the cotton used, this information was not readily available. Their distributor informed us that their caps are “harmless and environmentally safe” based on their internal product safety standards, set up with the help of an accredited third party.

Whelk (Baseball Cap)

In contrast, we opted for a blend of 50% recycled cotton and 50% virgin cotton. This cotton blend is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified, a renowned industry benchmark for textile safety. This signifies that it has been tested for harmful substances to protect your health.

When it comes to our visor, it is made with Blutech, a technology that allows the visor to naturally biodegrade once the cap is thrown away, at the end of its lifecycle.

No shortcuts 🚫

It’s important to understand that fabrics are dyed and treated to improve performance. The sad reality is that some textile mills might use toxic chemicals as a cheap, yet dangerous shortcut to achieve maximum profitability. For us, it does not make sense to risk the health of people and the planet, which is why we opted for OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified cotton.

Design & Style

Yupoong (YP Classics 6245CM)

Synonymous with the dad hat, Yupoong’s cap has 6 unstructured panels with a rear metal buckle. It is currently available in 12 different colours.

Whelk (Baseball Cap)

Our baseball cap has a similar fit, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit. We’ve chosen to prioritize the 4 best-selling colours to begin with and plan on extending the options as demand grows.


Yupoong (YP Classics 6245CM)

According to their distributor S&S Canada, blanks start at 8.13$ CAD and price lowers with volume.

Whelk (Baseball Cap)

Blanks start at 7.75$ CAD/$5.80 USD and price lowers with volume.

Sustainability shouldn't break the bank 💸

How do we keep our headwear competitively priced, all while committing to sustainable manufacturing? It’s all about cutting out the fat to focus on our environmental impact. We are a lean team that self-distributes and has no physical stores. At the end of the day, we prefer to prioritize the planet over profits.


Yupoong (YP Classics 6245CM)

It’s near impossible to dissect Yupoong’s impact because of their corporate communication structure. Their website mentions donations and volunteer work without quantifying their contributions.

Their headwear is made in Bangladesh & Vietnam.

Whelk (Baseball Cap)

Our commitment to environmental responsibility goes a step further with our membership in 1% for the Planet. As a member, we pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to ocean-cleaning efforts. To prevent greenwashing, we openly share all our sustainable efforts, ensuring transparency as part of our DNA.

Our headwear is ethically manufactured in Vietnam in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

Whelk specializes in what Yupoong ignores:
our impact on the planet

From B-Corp certified businesses to promotional products companies, Whelk caters to the needs of conscious consumers seeking sustainable baseball caps. Contact us now to learn more about our offerings and how we can partner with you to amplify your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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