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Upcycled Saddle Roll

45.00 $ CAD

  • By purchasing this product, you help remove 1.41 lbs of trash from our oceans. See Giving Back – Secret Sauce for more information.
  • Made in Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Fits your standard flat replacement kit: spare tube, patch kit, multi-tool, tire levers and CO2 cartridges
  • Neatly attaches to your saddle rails in seconds
  • Made with upcycled bike inner tubes
  • Auto-locking side release buckle
  After successfully developing the ride pouch, we knew that upcycled bicycle inner tubes had potential as a material for other cycling accessories. It didn’t take long until we set our eyes on the classic saddle roll. We immediately saw the beautiful irony in repurposing broken tubes into an accessory to help fix and replace other broken tubes. That said, we also saw it as a convenient way to keep more bike gear away from landfills. From a technical point of view, we invested in a sturdy auto-lock side release buckle for convenience and safety. The attached nylon webbing acts as a fastening mechanism once attached to your saddle rails, all in a matter of seconds. Although it’s a small cycling accessory hidden under your saddle, we take a lot of pride in the final result: a durable and unique upcycled saddle roll that will last for years to come.
Our Sh*t Happens Warranty covers against defects in materials and workmanship, for the lifetime of our goods during normal use. If Sh*t Happens, you can count on us to fix it or replace it.

Just a heads up, our idea of ‘normal use’ doesn’t include accidents, neglect, or the usual wear and tear. But hey, life’s full of surprises, right? If your gear needs a little extra love due to unexpected adventures, we’ll pitch in half the repair costs.

Why do we do this? Because we’re all about making products that last and minimizing our footprint on the planet. So, if a quick fix can add another decade to your gear’s life, then let’s patch it up!

Made with Upcycled Bike Tubes

Discarded bike tubes are collected from bike shops across the province of Quebec and are given to a social entreprise responsible for reintegrating mentally and physically challenged folks back into the workforce. This dedicated team cuts, cleans and thoroughly inspects the bits of tubes for repurposing. Once approved for production, their sent off to the sewing shop to be made into unique accessories with a new purpose.

Proudly made in Canada

All of our upcycled products from the ReCap Collection are made in the heart of Quebec’s Eastern Townships. We’ve chosen a small batch production model for these products to align with our values of sustainability and transparency.

Tackling Marine Pollution Headfirst

We proudly donate 1% of our sales to ocean-cleaning efforts. With this in mind, you can feel good about wearing Whelk because you’ll help remove trash from our waterways.
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