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F*ck Greenwashing

Our Blue Manifesto

We won’t sugarcoat the situation: fashion is one of the top polluting industries on the planet. Sure, we may be a small fish in a big pond, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a splash. Unlike big companies who spend tons of money on ads to make you believe they care about the environment, we’re willing to dive in and walk the talk. From our website to our packaging, we are constantly finding ways to improve our company’s sustainable efforts. Although we’re not perfect and there’s lots of work to be done, we think we’re making waves in the right direction.

Our Baby Steps For Mother Nature

  • Design with durability in mind. It’s better to have a fleece that lasts 10 years than 10 fleeces that each only last a year.
  • Prioritize the use of natural materials. If we can’t, we’ll use synthetic materials with the smallest impact (see Secret Sauce – Materials).
  • Prioritize local production (see Secret Sauce – Production).
  • Upcycle leftover materials whenever possible. (see Secret Sauce – Materials).
  • Avoid mass production. Why? Because this can lead to overproduction, which often results in unnecessary warehousing costs and cheap discounting.
  • Partner with like-minded creators and brands (see Inside Whelk – Our DNA).
  • Unafraid to speak the truth, even if it hurts.
  • Rarely make sales events, because we try to offer our products at accessible prices from the get-go.
  • Boycott Black Friday, because the thesis of this event is to promote overconsumption.
  • Online: Unknown to many, websites are powered by servers that consume tons of electricity. This very website is powered by a data center that gives back 3 times the energy it consumes in the form of renewable power.
  • Custom: We refuse to do custom clothing for unethical or unsustainable corporations.
  • Custom: We have low minimum order quantities, because we don’t want you to overconsume (see Custom).
  • Use of recyclable cardboard boxes (instead of plastic poly mailers), sourced from a local company as often as possible.
  • Use of Water-Activated Tape instead of plastic tape. Although it is more expensive, it is more durable and eco-friendly than the traditional alternative. It also looks way better.
  • Opt for minimalist packaging to avoid unnecessary waste. This also helps us keep our prices low.
  • Encourage customers to batch their orders with their friends. Not only does it allow them to get free shipping (see Shipping), but it reduces the carbon footprint of our operations.
  • Offer local pickup to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions from shipping.
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Our Secret Sauce

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