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Blutech Visor

The World's Most Sustainable Visor

Traditional plastic visors can take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose, depending on the type and conditions.1 That’s where Blutech comes in – this innovative ingredient drastically accelerates the visor’s biodegradation rate. Unlike regular plastic, this visor is sustainable and made with the planet in mind.

How Blutech Works

Blutech allows the formation of a coating called biofilm on the plastic visor. The biofilm is made up of colonies of microorganisms that penetrate the visor. These microbes then send out chemical signals that attract other microbes and encourages them to colonize on the surface of the visor. Collectively, they then secrete acids that break down the visor’s chemical bonds. Microbes utilize the carbon backbone of the polymer chain as an energy source. In other words, Blutech creates an opportunity for microbes to utilize the visor as food.

Two conditions are required in order for the Blutech visor to biodegrade:

  1. Microbes: In order for Blutech’s biodegradation process to begin, an active microbial environment that contains active fungal and bacterial colonies is required. Rest assured, your head or closet do not qualify as an active microbial environment (learn more in our FAQ).
  2. Time: This process varies from one active microbial environment to another. It can take from several months to years, depending on the presence of microbes. This is ideal, because we only want the Blutech visor to biodegrade at the end of the cap’s life cycle, when it is thrown away or lost in the outdoors.

Without the simultaneous presence of these two factors, there is no activation during the use or maintenance of the cap.

From Visor to Natural Elements

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

The process Blutech biodegradation process can take place in either aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen) environments. These conditions determine what by-products are produced such as carbon dioxide, methane, water, minerals and new microbial cellular constituents (biomass).


Comparative biodegradation rates below are based on long term studies at 3rd party labs using internationally recognized ASTM Test Methods in controlled environments. Many factors influence biodegradation, therefore rates will vary from environment to environment.


The difference between regular visors and Blutech visors is that Blutech creates an opportunity for microbes to utilize plastic as food.
In environments such as retail locations or your home, the microbial environment is suspended or dormant. These two types of environnements do not provide the circumstances needed for biodegradation to occur. Blutech requires an active microbial environment in order to activate, which is one that contains active fungal and bacterial colonies and would be extremely dirty.

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